Paul Brewster...

It was clear that Paul had an ear for music from an early age. Having been brought up in a musical family, it wasn't long before he was tapping the keys of the family piano.

Paul started his performing career after joining popular and long running rock covers band 'Red Vegas' on lead guitar. He stayed with Red Vegas for four years until they sadly disbanded in 2010. During this four years Paul played with the band in most of the pubs and clubs in the South West, but highlights have included the small festival appearances and playing the world famous 'Cavern Club' in Liverpool.

Paul briefly tried to resurrect the band as a three-piece but after a while realised that they could never bring them back to their former glory.

Whilst teaching guitar to young local students Paul met Chris Trundle. A chance conversation got them discussing a potential new band. Blackbird were formed and after successful practice sessions and a number of small gigs performed, Paul was again able to take to the stage and rock the South West!

Paul Brewster